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In the American justice system, a person is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, in the case of a sex crime, a simple unfounded allegation will often destroy personal relationships and permanently ruin a person’s career. In the event of a sex crime conviction, the accused will be subject to potentially long prison sentences. After being released, a convicted sex offender will have to be registered wherever he or she may live and suffer a lifetime of restricted freedom and ridicule. As a registered sex offender, it is almost impossible to obtain gainful employment or locate a place to live.

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Anyone arrested for or accused of a Houston sex crime deserves a competent and aggressive Houston sex crime defense attorney that will be dedicated to protecting their rights and reputation. Contact The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp to protect your good name if you have been charged with any sex crime, including the following:

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There is no one who needs the representation of a skilled Houston criminal defense attorney more than a person that has been accused of committing a sex crime. The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp has the experience and fortitude to defend your rights and your freedom, even as your family, friends, and colleagues turn their backs on you. Our Houston sex crime lawyers have an extensive understanding of sex crime investigations. We are well versed in the positive defenses for sex crimes and will not rest until your case is successfully litigated or tried in court.

In the event that your case does make it to trial, the prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a very high standard of proof. The Houston attorneys at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp have extensive experience at successfully creating doubt against unfair presumptions of guilt.

If you have been charged with a sexually related crime, don’t wait until it’s too late to save your family and reputation. Contact The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp as soon as possible to being preparing your defense and protecting your future.

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