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What to Do if You are Being Investigated For a Sex Crime

According to estimates by organizations that monitor sexual violence statistics, a sex crime is perpetrated every two minutes in the United States. Although more than half of all sex crimes are never reported to law enforcement agencies, courts and law firms are constantly handling such cases.

According to the Texas Penal Code, in the U.S. judicial system, sex crimes are defined as several illegal activities and behaviors that range from indecent exposure to statutory rape and from prostitution to Internet stalking of a sexual nature. Sex crimes can result in more than just lengthy prison or jail sentences and fines; they can also have long-lasting negative consequences with regard to the criminal background of the defendant.

Dealing With a Sex Crime Investigation

Once a sex crimes criminal complaint is filed against a defendant, a number of steps must be taken to pave the way for an effective defense. The first point to remember is that talking to law enforcement can be extremely detrimental. Any statements collected by police officers and investigators can be twisted to fit their needs.

Defendants charged with sex crimes must also refrain from talking to third parties about the incident. Criminal informants can be anywhere these days; they can be undercover officers in a lockup detention facility, coworkers or even classmates. Defendants must stay silent at all times, especially when they talk on the phone or communicate via online social networks. During a sex crimes investigation, the only parties that defendants should talk to are their defense attorneys.

Time is of the Essence

Attorneys who specialize in representing clients who have been accused of sex crimes tend to act very quickly once an investigation is launched, and defendants must do the same with regard to retaining counsel. Needless to say, this should happen immediately after an arrest. In the absence of an arrest, defendants should retain counsel as soon as they are aware that they are being investigated.

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