Avoiding False Allegations of Child Abuse: The Comprehensive Guide

Child abuse accusations have increased over the past few years in Texas. Unfortunately, many of these reports are unfounded, and they may stem from a number of different circumstances. They often arise after a child sustains an injury that requires medical attention or after a heated custody battle. If you are falsely accused of child abuse, there are some important steps you can take to reduce the odds of a conviction, which carries severe penalties as well as a negative social stigma.


It’s much easier to prevent false allegations of child abuse than it is to defend them. Individuals who work with children should avoid being alone with kids whenever possible. This is especially important if one’s duties include helping children change clothes or use the restroom.

It’s also important for anyone who works with youngsters to adhere to a strong code of ethics in their personal lives, as a person’s character often plays a part in whether or not they are convicted. Avoiding pornography in print or electronic form is important because it can reflect negatively on an individual who is the subject of a child abuse investigation. When in the presence of children, individuals should refrain from using foul language or telling off-color jokes, even if it appears kids are not listening.

After Allegations Arise

A few things can be done once allegations arise to help with defending these charges.

  • Speak with an attorney. Never assume the truth will be discovered simply because you know the allegations are untrue.
  • Gather the names and contact information of people who could be called on as witnesses. You should also try to locate people who could testify to the nature of your character.
  • If the accusations stem from a custody dispute, try to retain a positive relationship with your children. Try your best to cooperate with supervised visitation requests.
  • Remain calm when talking to investigators, as showing signs of anger could result in them deducing that there is probable cause for the allegations they are looking into.

Finding Help

When it comes to allegations of child abuse in Texas, you don’t have much time to prepare a defense. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better your odds are of conquering the charges and restoring your marred reputation. You don’t have to wait for the government to take action before consulting with counsel.

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