Have you or a loved one been arrested? Are you facing a criminal investigation? Choosing the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you should be your top priority.

Help! I Got Arrested.
Help! I Got Arrested.

Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience. Matthew Sharp, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, protects your rights and future.

Why Choose Matthew Sharp
Why Choose Matthew Sharp

Matthew Sharp dedicates his practice to fighting for clients’ rights. He provides custom legal solutions. He will defend you.

Our Experience and Results
Our Experience and Results

Matthew D. Sharp is results-driven and experienced. He brings invaluable insight to your case. Contact him now.

Results Matter

My results-driven approach means I can bring invaluable insights from past victories to help in your case.

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If you've been arrested or face a criminal charge in Houston, you're probably feeling scared and confused.

While you can tell the police your name, address, date of birth and other identifying information, you DON'T have to answer questions about any alleged crime or where you were when it happened. Don't answer any questions or make any statements about your case to the police or the District Attorney (DA). Don't sign any prepared statements. Tell the police you want a lawyer whether they read your rights or not.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can outsmart the police or that they will release you if you talk to them. You might be worried that hiring an attorney will make you look guilty, but this is a myth. Politely and calmly tell the police that you don't wish to answer questions without speaking to your lawyer first.

As a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Houston, I understand the intense stress and scrutiny a person and their family goes through when faced with a criminal charge. As a long-time member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, I have been nationally recognized for my legal skills and ethics — and I'm fully prepared to use this experience to help you.

I have a different approach than most defense attorneys because I put my clients' needs first. For starters, I offer a free initial consultation to carefully evaluate your case, at no charge to you, without pressure or coercion. If you ultimately decide to hire me to represent you, I'll work hard to earn and keep your trust.

By delivering a strong and aggressive legal defense that's tailor-made for each case (no cookie cutter defenses here), I'm able to secure the best possible outcome every time.

I have successfully won not-guilty verdicts and dismissals in a wide variety of cases, including DWI charges, theft and property crimes, drug-related charges, weapons, white collar crimes, assault/battery, prostitution crimes, sex crimes defense, federal defense and other criminal cases.

I can also help in the sealing of criminal records, including expungement and petitions for non-disclosure throughout Texas.


My winning results speak for themselves. My one and only goal is to get you the BEST outcome for your circumstance. Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience. Don't face it alone. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. My job is to defend YOU.

- Attorney Matthew D. Sharp

If you've been charged with a crime in Harris County or a surrounding area, start protecting your rights and future right now.

Take just a couple minutes to fill out the form below and schedule your free consultation with Matthew Sharp.

    I’ll use proven, hardball defense tactics to effectively represent you both in and out of the courtroom.

    No matter what charge you or a loved one are facing — whether it’s a minor misdemeanor or a capital felony

    Common Types of Criminal Offenses

    Getting charged or arrested? What should you do...

    One wrong move or saying the wrong thing can negatively impact the outcome of your case.

    Know your rights. Take some steps now to avoid a conviction. Visit our criminal defense guide

    Why Hire Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew Sharp?

    There are many law firms in the Houston metro area, so how do you find the best criminal defense attorney to represent you aggressively and advocate for your rights? Here are a few top reasons why you should contact me immediately if you or a loved one face a criminal charge:

    • Passionate. I stand deeply committed to providing dedicated, tireless, and aggressive legal representation to ensure your rights and freedoms are vigorously protected.
    • Attentive. I deliver superior representation by combining the undivided attention of a small law firm with the full-service abilities of a large firm. I believe in quality over quantity.
    • Available. The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure you're able to get the answers and assurances you need quickly and without delay.
    • Experienced. With over 12 years of experience in the legal field, I have the experience to handle complex legal issues and all types of criminal cases.
    • Specialized. Unlike other lawyers who dabble in civil litigation and other practice areas, I dedicate my entire practice to criminal law and fighting for the rights of my clients.
    • Timely. I understand that your time is valuable. I always strive to provide effective and efficient solutions using the most timely and rigorous professional standards.
    • Caring. Compassionate listening is a cornerstone of my practice. I'll take the time to truly understand your needs and fears because it's your future at stake.
    • Free. It costs absolutely nothing to discuss your legal options with me during the initial consultation. Schedule your free case evaluation today.

    8 Ways a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case


    Are you unsure of where to go for help after getting arrested?
    Learn more about how hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney will help your chances at freedom.

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    "Mr. Sharp handled my case very professionally, he had great communication throughout the process, & was very easy to talk to. I had a very positive experience with his service and would recommend to anyone. I thank him for assisting me."
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