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    Child Abuse Defense in Houston

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    The Texas Family Code describes child abuse in Chapter 261. It can encompass a broad range of actions, including, but not limited to:

    Child abuse may also occur if a legal guardian causes or permits a child to be in a scenario in which he is at risk of endangerment.

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    Possible Consequences of Child Abuse

    Oftentimes, child abuse accusations are unfounded. School workers and medical personnel are required to report any suspicious injuries to the proper authorities. A non-custodial parent may sometimes allege that the parent with custody rights has committed child abuse in order to restrict visitation. Even though many allegations have no basis to them, they can nonetheless cause familial disorder while a CPS investigation takes place.

    If found guilty of child abuse, parents may face sanctions such as these:

    • Loss of child custody and/or visitation privileges
    • Confinement
    • Mandatory participation in parenting or anger management classes
    • Probation

    Defending Against Charges

    In order to adequately defend against all charges, a child abuse defense attorney needs to shift through and consider all the circumstances. This is necessary to determine whether there are underlying motives for these allegations, or if an agency took facts out of context. By understanding all of the dynamics in a child abuse case, criminal defense lawyers like Matthew D. Sharp are able to negotiate terms that are favorable for everyone involved.

    It is important for individuals to understand that not every injury results from child abuse. It is natural for kids to sustain scrapes and bruises during play. In addition, spanking alone does not constitute child abuse as long as it is within reason. The law takes care to distinguish between age-appropriate discipline and abuse.

    What if I Am Summoned to Court for Child Abuse Allegations?

    A person who has been charged with child abuse should appear at every hearing he or she is summoned to. Ignoring an official summons could result in a judge ruling against the defendant by default. This could make it even harder to regain custody or visitation rights in the future.

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