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    White-Collar Charge Defense

    Houston White-Collar Defense Attorneys

    Facing white-collar allegations can have catastrophic repercussions on your business and personal reputations. In the event that you are found guilty of wrongdoing, you will probably have difficulty locating employment or gaining a professional license. These will have a devastating effect on your future way of life.

    White-collar crimes are characterized as violations related to financial transactions and are typically not violent. These charges usually involve similar legal principles as other criminal offenses, but the factual issues related to a white-collar crime are often very complicated. White-collar convictions are accompanied by punishment such as jail time, financial restitution, probation, and property forfeiture. If you are accused of a Houston white-collar offense, it is most important that you find legal counsel who is dedicated to defending your rights and seasoned in the area of white-collar defense.

    White-collar crimes can have a disastrous impact on your business.
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    Houston White-Collar Crimes Lawyers

    Whether the charges are pending at the state or federal level, at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, we are prepared to represent anyone accused of a white-collar crime. Our Houston white-collar lawyers are well versed in the world of financial crimes and we vigorously defend our clients’ rights throughout every step of the legal process. You can count on our experienced staff to effectively represent you against any type of white-collar crimes, such as:

    White-Collar Crime Attorneys in Houston, TX

    Our office will thoroughly investigate the specifics of your case using similar methods involved with a simple Houston theft defense. This could demonstrate your mindset at the time of the offense which could play an important role in your defense strategy. Additionally, we will search for evidence which may indicate that the complainant was dishonest when they initially reported their version of events to the state. In some rare and unfortunate cases, some employers have been proven to have created a fictional scenario regarding a financial crime so that they may have a reason to fire an employee.

    If you are standing accused of a white-collar offense, the importance of retaining competent legal counsel cannot be stressed enough. At The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, we have an experienced staff that is dedicated to vehemently defending you and your livelihood. We will not stop fighting for the protection of your rights.

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