Man Arrested for Murder 19 Years After the Crime

Modern forensics have made it possible for the police to apprehend criminals they previously would never have found.  In the past decade, Texas has created a new fingerprint database which automatically stores the fingerprints of arrested people, and links those people with unsolved crimes. A recent example of this was the apprehension of Bobby Miller, a Houston area man accused of murdering an elderly woman back in 1992.  The police had no leads in the case until, in 2008, they ran the suspects prints through the new database, and matched them to Miller, who had been arrested for theft in 1999.

This is not to say that Miller is automatically guilty just because his fingerprints were found in the victim’s house.  If that were true anyone who had ever been in the house could be guilty of murder. The State will have to link Miller to the victim’s death and prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is no statute of limitations for murder, but proving any case that is 19 years old can be very difficult for the State.  That is enough time for witnesses to die, and for useful evidence to be destroyed.

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