Jealous Mom Accused of ‘Chewing’ on Baby’s Face

A Houston-area woman was arrested and charged with abusing her 1-year-old son because she thought the child’s father loves him more than her.

Lessielee Ann King, 20, is charged with felony injury to a child. Her bail has been set to $5,000.

The boy’s father revealed to law enforcement officers that he found several suspicious bruises on the child’s body and grew concerned. In one instance, he found a bite mark on the child’s cheek when he returned home from work. He said there were bruises only when the child was left alone with King.

The defendant supposedly has a history of hurting the infant. The boy’s father once asked a friend to move in with the family for a short while to monitor King’s actions. The friend alleged that the defendant had slapped the baby on the face, arms and legs. The baby’s grandmother said that King had previously severely bruised the child’s thigh after spanking him with a sandal.

The father gave to investigators an audio recording of King saying that he only cares about the child and does not care about her. When officers asked her about the marks on the baby’s skin, the defendant said that the infant’s face was red after she “sucked and chewed” on it.

The entire story can be read here.

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