Man Jailed After Stealing $9 Million, Surrendering to Police

A Houston man who is accused of stealing approximately $9 million from a previous employer was booked into the Harris County jail on Friday morning.

Anthony Chiofalo was on the run for about six months before he surrendered to police in Newport, R.I. one week before Christmas. At the time, he carried $150,000 in cash.

Chiofalo’s defense attorney said that his client could have stayed on the run for an even longer amount of time, since no one apparently knew of his whereabouts.

The defendant allegedly bilked more than $9 million from a business in Houston that manufactures hydraulic cranes. He worked as the company’s head of legal affairs and was able to transfer large sums of money to a bogus law firm that he created. Chiofalo reportedly used the funds to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of comic books and sports memorabilia.

His bond was set at $18 million.

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