Man Robbed After Placing Ad on Facebook

Two suspects were arrested Thursday after allegedly robbing a man who placed an ad for an iPad on Facebook.

18-year-old Devontta Dorsey and 17-year-old Darrell Broussard have been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

The victim placed an ad on Facebook selling an iPad for $400.  He received a text from somebody interested in the iPad and told him to meet at Miller Intermediate School off Westpark around 6 p.m.

Two men approached the seller from a nearby apartment complex.  The victim handed one of the men the iPad, they started to walk away. When the victim asked for the money they pulled out a gun and demanded the man’s wallet.

After searching the man’s vehicle for more valuables, the suspects returned to the apartment complex.

Police had recently investigated a similar case and recognized the description of Broussard and Dorsey.

The victim was able to pick his assailants out of a police line up.

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