Attorney Matthew Sharp Featured in Two Houston News Stories

We’d like to share some exciting news about criminal defense attorney Matthew Sharp. Recently, Sharp was consulted by 2 separate news organizations to get his legal perspective on some alleged crimes that happened in the Houston area.

On March 29, Sharp was featured in a new story by ABC 13 Houston in which he was asked to discuss the steps someone should take to protect their legal rights after an altercation where they were forced to defend themselves against an assault.

“If you were truly in fear for your life and you have used deadly force or non-deadly force to defend yourself, I would advise you to call police,” Sharp told ABC 13 Houston.

“Every self-defense case, there is a judgment call that has to be made, whether that’s the DA, police, a jury. And if you run away and you hide, and you attempt to conceal what it is you have done, it looks less and less like you were acting in self-defense.”

You can watch the interview and read the full news story here:

Lawyer breaks down self-defense process following alleged robbery and violent attack in Houston

On April 13, Sharp was again featured in a news story— this time by Fox 26 Houston. Reporters asked Sharp to explain the potential punishments for an alleged crime in which a teen is accused of creating fake explicit photos of a teacher and sharing them online.

“If you use someone else’s persona to create a website, social media account, or email with the intent to defraud or harm them, it’s the offense of online impersonation,” Sharp told Fox 26 Houston. “Under Texas penal code, it’s a third degree felony. It is a serious crime. If you are accused and convicted, you are looking at some serious punishment.”

You can watch the interview and read the full news story here:

Houston-area student accused of creating ‘deep fake’ explicit photos of teacher, sharing them online

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