San Antonio Man Kills Twin; Family Says He Had No Choice

The family members of a San Antonio man who is accused of killing his own twin brother stand united in his defense.

Anthony McJunkin, 21, fatally shot his brother Branden on August 31 and appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday morning.

According to initial reports, the brothers were fighting over $20. Their family later revealed, however, that Branden suffered from bipolar disorder and was off his medication. He had also used drugs on the night of the altercation. The McJunkins insist that Anthony feared for his life and had acted in self-defense.

The twins’ mother, Tracy McJunkin, said that Branden had assaulted other family members before.

The judge has delayed the trial by two more months to allow McJunkin’s lawyers to gather evidence that would clear him of all homicide charges.

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