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    Juvenile crimes defense

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    Parents tend to have a lot of questions and concerns when their young children are arrested by law enforcement. Minors can face charges for some of the same crimes that adults can be charged with, but there are also status offenses that relate solely to juveniles. Status offenses are activities that are illegal only because of the offender’s age. The following are a few of the common offenses that juveniles may be accused of committing:

    • Truancy
    • Running away from home
    • Possession of tobacco
    • Possession of alcohol
    • Curfew violations

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    Lasting repercussions

    Many people believe that all juvenile records are expunged when the children come of age. This is not necessarily the case, as felony offenses can often remain on a criminal record for several years. This means that a minor who is convicted in juvenile court can face stigma and consequences for his criminal actions long after he reaches adulthood. For this reason, it is very important for minors and their parents to seek legal advice from a juvenile crimes attorney if charges have been dealt or are impending.

    How a juvenile crimes lawyer can help

    Since a juvenile arrest is nothing to take lightly, it’s important to get the proper representation early in the game. That way, the amount of damage done to a child’s criminal record can be mitigated. It’s not uncommon for youth to make mistakes that they later regret once they reach adulthood. A lapse in judgment based on a lack of maturity should not determine a person’s future course in life. This doesn’t mean that juveniles should get away with unruly behavior, only that the punishment should fit the crime as much as possible.

    That’s where an experienced criminal defense attorney comes in. Some of the things an attorney may be able to accomplish in order to reduce the future impact of a juvenile arrest include:

    • Resisting any attempts by the state to try the offender in adult court
    • Negotiating for behavioral therapy in lieu of other sanctions if the offense is relatively minor
    • Striking a deal for the offense to be wiped clean when the child reaches adulthood
    • Ensuring a juvenile probation officer rather than an adult probation officer supervises the defendant if probation is ordered
    • Making sure any special rights the child has are not violated by law enforcement

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