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    Anyone convicted of a crime and given an indeterminate sentence probably counts the days until they’re eligible for parole. An indeterminate sentence is when the court doesn’t give an exact prison term. Indeterminate sentences are given in ranges such as “10 to 20 years” or “25 years to life.” As soon as the minimum number of years is served, an inmate may receive parole.

    Whether or not an individual receives parole will be decided by a three member panel. It only takes two of these members to agree that a person deserves to be paroled for parole to be granted. An experienced Houston parole attorney will prepare a positive file for the parole board to review, and hopefully, at least two of the panel members will agree with the attorney’s opinion.

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    What Houston Parole Boards Consider

    There are certain things that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will look at when considering whether or not to grant an inmate’s release. The panel will examine a defendant’s:

    • Criminal history
    • Specific crime and its severity
    • Age at the time of the crime
    • Mental stability
    • Attempts to acquire vocational training or degree
    • Remorse about committing the crime
    • Efforts towards rehabilitation
    • Behavior during incarceration

    Parole Violations

    Receiving parole isn’t the same thing as being free. While it’s true that a paroled inmate will be living on the outside world, the eyes of the law remain upon them. If a person is believed to have committed any violation of their parole conditions, they can be arrested again and put back in prison to serve out the remainder of their sentence.

    Parole violations can occur for numerous reasons. Some of the most common violations are simple mistakes such as forgetting to check in with one’s parole officer. Unfortunately, even these simple mistakes can prove disastrous for a person. In addition, the following can also lead to parole revocations:

    • Failing a test for illegal drugs
    • Committing a new crime
    • Failing to pay fines
    • Ignoring one’s assigned community service

    Dependent on a person’s parole conditions, there may be several other things that are considered violations. Parole violations result in a person losing their freedom all over again, so it’s absolutely necessary to find a parole issues attorney if you’re in trouble.

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