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    Terroristic threats defense

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    The Texas Penal Code spells out a number of offenses that fall underneath the umbrella of terroristic threats. Although the designation of terroristic threats tends to immediately conger up startling images, the fact is that some of these offenses are actually misdemeanors. Two examples include:

    • Causing any type of reaction by any agency organized for the specific purpose of dealing with emergencies
    • Placing someone in fear of serious and imminent bodily harm

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    Whenever a defendant prevents or interrupts the use of a public facility, place of assembly, workplace, aircraft or automobile, the offense can be prosecuted as either a Class A misdemeanor or a state jail felony depending upon the circumstance. Other offenses considered to be terroristic threats that are strictly charged as felonies including:

    • Placing a significant number of people in fear of harm
    • Interfering with public utilities, water, transportation, or other services
    • Unduly influencing a government agency or politician

    Possible punishments

    Since the crime of terroristic threats can be either a misdemeanor or felony, there is a wide range of punishment associated with one of these charges. Defendants can face sanctions that include:

    • Prison sentence ranging from 6 months to 20 years
    • Fine of up to $10,000
    • Community service
    • Restitution to victim
    • Probation

    Making a bad situation even worse

    If you’re accused of a crime that fits Texas’ definition of a terroristic threat, you need to act quickly in order to protect your rights. Depending on the nature of the offense, other government agencies can become involved in the investigation, which can ultimately complicate matters. You need an attorney who can anticipate the involvement of these investigators and limit the scope of their involvement if possible. This can be done by acting swiftly to negotiate with prosecutors to have the charges reduced to a lesser-included offense that does not fall under the scope of terroristic threats or having counts eliminated whenever possible.

    Knowing your options

    When you consult the law office of The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, the attorneys there will get to the heart of the matter as soon as possible so you will have a better understanding of the options that are available. After looking at the situation from all angles possible, you’ll be in a better situation to decide how you should proceed in the matter. Don’t let charges of terroristic threats intimidate you-stand up for your rights by contacting The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp.

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