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Many people mistakenly believe that hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent them in a court of law is something they cannot afford. The truth is, hiring a lawyer can often be an inexpensive thing to do whenever the charges you are facing are relatively minor. In other instances, attorney Matthew Sharp will be happy to discuss a payment plan with you.

Finding a dependable and affordable attorney can be challenging.
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Initial Free Consultation

Your initial consultation with The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp is free of charge. During your visit, you can feel free to discuss your circumstances with one of these lawyers to determine if they are able to help you. If you decide that you are a good fit for The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, they will discuss payment options with you.

Your attorney will work with you during your initial meeting to create a defense plan that is in keeping with your budget. You will be able to weigh your different options and determine which course of action is most beneficial and appropriate for you. After that, The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp will create a payment plan based on your salary and other living expenses in order to make your defense as affordable as possible.

Establishing an Attorney-Client Relationship

Payment of the retainer fee is normally what establishes the attorney-client relationship. However, The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp understand that you may not be able to pay this amount right away. Therefore, you will be asked to sign a representation agreement instead. This document authorizes us to work on your behalf while also ensuring the terms of your payment agreement are clearly spelled out.

Quality legal representation is priceless. Regardless of your financial resources, having an experienced and aggressive attorney on your side is important. You need an attorney who understands this. Matthew Sharp wants to make defending you in a court of law as easy and affordable as possible. To schedule a free consultation, please call The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp.

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