Mistrial in Case of Texas Man Accused of Drowning Wife

A west Texas man who is facing murder accusations for allegedly killing his wife in 2008 was released on $150,000 bond last weekend when a judge declared a mistrial in his favor.

Frederick Harold Mueller, 51, had been in jail for more than a year. The presiding judge granted a mistrial because the jury members failed to agree on a verdict after four days of deliberation. By Saturday, 11-1 were in favor of acquittal.

Prosecutors have until Feb. 19 to decide if they want to pursue a retrial. If they wish to proceed, Mueller’s new trial would start on April 29.

In May 2008, the Muellers were hiking near their vacation home in Lake City, Colo. when the defendant’s wife lost her balance on the edge of an embankment and fell into a stream. She drowned, but investigators believe that her injuries were not consistent with Mueller’s account.

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