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    Murder Defense

    Texas Murder Charges Attorneys :: The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

    A charge of murder in the State of Texas is always a very serious matter. No state prosecutes these offenses more aggressively or has more severe penalties for those who are convicted of murder. If you have or a loved one has become the focus of a murder investigation, you should start protecting your rights immediately by discussing your case with a professional Houston murder lawyer.

    At  The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, we are dedicated to ensuring that persons accused of a crime are treated as fairly as possible in an often lopsided system. Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting those who face serious criminal charges, including:

    Being arrested for murder in Texas has serious consequences.
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    Houston Murder Charges Defense Attorneys

    The team at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp will begin working on your case immediately in order to prepare a customized defense strategy before trial. We will thoroughly investigate to reveal any weaknesses in the state’s evidence and often focus on the time line of events surrounding your case, possibly establishing an alibi that demonstrates that you were not even there when the crime occurred.

    Our firm frequently employs private investigators and critiques surveillance evidence in order to demonstrate that you may have been misidentified. Additionally, we can create doubt through the use of DNA and other physical evidence. In the event that you were the victim of previous domestic violence incidents, we can often show that you were merely defending yourself.

    Manslaughter Defense – Texas Lawyers – The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

    The Houston criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp are dedicated to raising a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury members that you did not commit the crime you are accused of. If only one juror has a doubt in the state’s evidence or has difficulty believing that you are capable of murder, then you should be found “not guilty” and our job is done.

    In the rare event that a conviction cannot be avoided, we will attempt to minimize the penalties by depicting you as a human being and not a career criminal. Our team will fight for minimum incarceration in exchange for submitting to programs such as anger management and probation.

    If your life and liberty are on the line, you deserve vigorous legal counsel on your side. Contact The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, today to learn more about how we can defend you against these most serious crimes.

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