Arrested for DWI: Will My Job Terminate Me?

Drivers often don’t think about their careers when they’re charged with a DWI, but the truth is that many individuals may find themselves seeking employment once these charges are filed. Employees should be aware of the policies their employer has in regards to criminal charges so they can plan accordingly in the event that an arrest takes place. Knowing these policies can also help employees better defend themselves in the courtroom and ensure their job is still waiting for them when the legal battle ends.

Immediate Termination

Some employers have policies in place that result in employees being fired as soon as a conviction takes place. Federal employers may even take this one step further and fire an employee as soon as they’re arrested, and this leaves little room for employees to defend themselves.

Employees with Contracts

Employees that often have the best protections are those that are part of a union or have a contract with their employer. This protection is available because there are often internal procedures that must be followed before an employee can be fired, and this extends to those charged with a DWI.

Loss of Benefits

Losing a job can be both emotionally and financially devastating to a person, and losing a job because of a DWI can make these problems even worse. Some states have laws that make it impossible for those fired due to criminal charges to collect unemployment benefits, and this is often the case if a person is fired because they were charged with a DWI while working.

License Forfeiture

When a person holds a special license for their employment they are often beholden to that licensing agency and must report any convictions that occur. Being convicted of a DWI may result in the professional license being revoked, and this is especially true if the license is awarded to those within the transportation industry. Some licensing agencies will allow a person to reapply after a set amount of time has passed or if the charge is expunged from the driver’s record.

Loss of Transportation

Even if the charge itself doesn’t lead to termination, this doesn’t mean life will be easy for those charged with a DWI. Not only will the person face possible legal punishments, but they will often lose their driver’s license making it much more difficult to get to work. Relaying the issue to the employer may help to alleviate any immediate issues, but arriving late or missing work repeatedly can still lead to termination.

DWI Attorney Ready to Defend Your Rights

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