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In Texas, drivers charged with driving while intoxicated must also attend an administrative hearing to determine if a driver’s license will be suspended. These are known as Administrative License Revocation or ALR hearings. A driver must request an ALR hearing within 15 days from the date of arrest in order to not have their license suspended.

The hearings normally take place within 40 days of an arrest or refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test. Often those who have been arrested for DWI are focused on their criminal charges and fail to prepare for an ALR hearing. This can result in having a driver’s license being automatically suspended for anywhere from 90 to 180 days.

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ALR Hearing Representation

If you have recently been arrested for DWI, it is important to secure the services of an attorney not only to help you defend your criminal charges but to represent you at ALR proceedings as well. By hiring The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, you put the state of Texas on notice that they must prove the following elements:

  • Probable cause existed for a traffic stop and/or arrest
  • The defendant was driving in a public place while intoxicated
  • The defendant was placed under arrest and informed of the consequences involved in refusing a breathalyzer test or failing one.
  • Defendant refused blood alcohol testing or registered .08 or higher in violation of Texas law.

Possible Outcomes of ALR Hearings

Should an administrative law judge determine that these elements are met, he or she could impose other sanctions that must be fulfilled before this license can be reinstated:

  • Attending drug and alcohol treatment
  • Submitting to drug testing
  • Fines

Once a driver’s license has been suspended, this could result in other negative consequences such as increased insurance rates. An individual may also be ineligible to apply for a commercial driver’s license for a period of time after having a regular driver’s license revoked. The loss of a driver’s license can create economic hardships if it interferes with commuting to and from work.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Having a Houston criminal attorney represent you at an ALR hearing can benefit you when it is time to go to court on DWI charges. This is because some of the same evidence used at an ALR hearing may be presented again at the criminal trial. The more an attorney knows about the prosecution’s tactics, the better prepared he will be to defend you. Call The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp for a free consultation at 713-868-6100 if you are facing an ALR hearing or DWI charges.

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