Off-Duty Officer Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver

Officer Dustin Dodson had just finished a 12-hour shift when his motorcycle was hit by a drunk driver on his way home.

The 25-year-old officer was on Highway 67 in Lancaster around 6:30am Saturday morning when a pick-up truck turned in front of him.

According to a witness, Ernie Maggard, the impact threw the officer more than 50 years.

The owner of the truck, 22-year-old Ricardo Espinoza, did not stop and render aid after the accident, according to the witness.

Maggard then started chasing after the suspect after he realized that the man was not going to stop.

Espinoza abandoned his vehicle and headed on foot when Maggard caught up with him and tackled him.

Espinoza is now in jail for DWI charges and failure to stop and render aid.

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