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    Marijuana Charges Defense

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    Despite the efforts of many lobbyist groups to legalize marijuana in the U.S. and Texas, the possession, manufacture, and sale of marijuana is still currently illegal. Law enforcement aggressively seeks out all types of drugs and does not differentiate between “just marijuana” and other illegal controlled substances. If you have been arrested and charged with possession or trafficking of marijuana, your future could be at risk.

    At The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, we know that any kind of Houston marijuana arrest or conviction is always serious business. Our experienced Houston marijuana lawyers are dedicated to defending Houston area residents against any kind of marijuana charges, including:

    • Possession of marijuana
    • Possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute
    • Marijuana distribution, trafficking, importation, or cultivation
    • Possession of illegal drug related objects
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    Marijuana Charges Attorney in Houston

    When a prosecutor offers a plea agreement in a marijuana case, the accused must never forget that a guilty plea will result in a criminal drug charge conviction that they will be saddled with forever. Along with a permanent criminal record, drug convictions are often accompanied by jail time, community service, costly and time consuming counseling or probation, frequent testing, and a waiver of certain Constitutional rights. A marijuana related conviction can have negative effects on employment as well.

    Marijuana Defense Lawyer in Houston

    To defend against these sobering consequences, the Houston lawyers at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp will analyze every aspect of your detention and arrest to create a solid, custom defense that will ensure the protection of your rights. One of the primary methods of building a defense is to find out if the search and seizure were handled properly by the police. If it is shown that the officers violated your 4th Amendment rights which protect against illegal search and seizure, then anything that was found is inadmissible, resulting in dismissal of the charges. Our lawyers can also negotiate a favorable sentence in the event of a conviction including probation and treatment, rather than jail time.

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    If you have been charged with any kind of Houston marijuana charge, either at the state or federal level, you need an aggressive Houston criminal defense attorney to match the determined prosecutors who are paid to convict you. Contact The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, immediately to begin planning your defense and protecting your future.