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    Federal Drug Charge Defense

    Federal Drug Charge Lawyers :: The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

    The Federal Drug Laws are a complex set of federal laws, regulations, guidelines and administrative opinions that regulate the importation, manufacture, transportation and sale of both legal and illegal drugs and the substances used in their manufacture. Penalties for conviction under a federal drug charge can carry a sentence ranging anywhere from probation and a $100 fine all the way up to 360 years in a federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Given the complexity of the existing federal law, and the severity of punishment that can be imposed upon conviction, anyone facing federal drug charges should retain an attorney as soon as is possible after their arrest.

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    Federal Drug Laws in Texas

    Technically, federal drug law is enforced by only by federal agents such as agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Federal agents may also use evidence uncovered during a state or local drug investigation in order to bring federal charges. On federal government lands, such as military bases and Indian Reservations, federal drug laws can only be enforced by federal agents although local military or tribal police have the power to arrest for suspected violations. Federal drug charges will usually involve “trafficking” or “racketeering” charges, whereas more “possession” or “possession with intent to distribute” drug charges are found at the state and local level.

    Penalties of Federal Drug Charges

    The severity of a federal drug sentence is related to the following circumstances:

    • The previous criminal history of the accused
    • The amount and type of drug involved
    • If there was a violent felony involved in the drug’s manufacture or transport
    • If there was another federal crime involved

    Additionally, if convicted on a federal charge, the government may bring actions to confiscate and dispose of any personal property that it feels was obtained with money generated during illegal drug activities. You will need an experienced criminal lawyer like The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp to guide you through the legal process.

    Federal Drug Charge Convictions

    Despite their potential severity upon conviction, the burden proving violations of federal drug laws is placed squarely on the federal government. Such proof must follow strict rules relating to evidence found at the scene of the arrest, the actions of the investigating agents and demonstrating an intent to violate the laws in question. This is not always easily done and there are cases in which federal agents and prosecutors, in their desire to obtain a conviction, may not be concerned with protecting the rights of the accused. The only way to protect your legal rights in a federal drug case is to retain an attorney with experience in handling federal drug charges.

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