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    Were you or a loved one arrested for drunk driving? It’s time to compare the top DWI lawyers near you.

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    A charge for driving while impaired or intoxicated (DWI) is a serious matter in the state of Texas. Plea bargaining in a DWI case can be a difficult task. This is why having an aggressive and experienced legal team representing your case is the best defense for dropping the charges.

    Since hiring the right lawyer to represent you is key to winning your DWI defense case, you’ll want someone you can trust and who has the right experience. Here are some tips for finding the best DWI attorney in your area.

    Tip #1: Research the attorney’s background.

    Start by researching the attorney’s track record of results for prior clients and how well they know local impaired driving laws. Another good quality to look for is aggressive representation, including the willingness to take your case to trial. Prosecutors want to avoid a trial at all costs, especially when there’s no prior record.

    Some DWI defendants already have a specific attorney who handles their legal affairs. This can be a good choice for some clients because the attorney already knows you and your history. Just make sure they have experience specifically related to DWI cases, which are different from other legal cases.

    Tip #2: Interview the selected attorneys.

    After you’ve determined your top choices, it’s time to interview your selected attorneys. You want someone who will defend your case vigorously because your future, freedom and livelihood is at stake. A face-to-face conversation can go a long way in making sure you’re comfortable with a lawyer.

    Prepare a list of important questions to ask regarding your specific situation and write down the attorney’s answers so that you can compare them to others. Later, evaluate which attorney you feel the most comfortable with, and which one can best represent your needs.

    Tip #3: Compare fees and payment plans.

    Some attorneys will take a case on retainer and accept the balance later or agree to a payment plan. Some will charge a fee every time a case is delayed, while others may want a full fee upfront and will see the case through completely.

    Ask the candidates how strong they believe your case is, and what the likelihood is of you facing a fine and other penalties, such as jail time. Asking about fees and payment plans beforehand can be an effective method of controlling the overall financial damage of a DWI conviction.

    Tip #4: Hire a private attorney.

    Anyone who is charged with a DWI will be eligible for a public defender (PD) as all criminal defendants are permitted by law to have adequate legal representation. However, public defenders often have a heavy caseload and are unable to give your case the personal attention and care it deserves.

    Even if you’re eligible for a PD, you should avoid this option if possible, especially if the conviction will impact your employment or give you a felony record. If this isn’t your first DWI offense, it’s best to have a private attorney when going through the proceedings because your prior conviction record can be used against you with subsequent arrests. No matter the situation, by hiring your own defense attorney, you’ll have the best chance of winning your case.

    An impaired driving charge is a serious criminal issue in Texas, which is why having an aggressive attorney is vital. The attorney you choose can be the difference between a jail sentence and an acquittal.

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