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    Shoplifting Defense in Houston

    Houston Shoplifting Lawyers :: The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

    Shoplifting is a form of theft. It involves taking one or more merchandise items from a retail establishment with the intention of not paying for them. Shoplifting may also entail deliberately altering the sales tag of an item in order to obtain that item for a discounted price.

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    Possible Consequences of Shoplifting

    Many people consider shoplifting to be a “minor” crime and one that is rarely punished if the  accused is brought to trial. Under Texas law, however, this is not the case. Shoplifting actually has some very stiff penalties. The penalties for shoplifting depend on the retail value of the merchandise. Punishments can range from a simple fine and probation to a sentence of several years in prison. Shoplifting defense lawyers like the ones at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp can help mitigate their clients’ charges and fight for less criminal penalties.

    Defending Against Shoplifting Charges

    Experienced criminal defense lawyers such as The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp can use several defenses against shoplifting charges. These may include:

    • Simple misunderstanding (prosecutors must prove that the accused made a legitimate  attempt to remove an item from the store premises without paying for it first)
    • Lack of deliberate intent (the courts will rarely convict an individual unless intent to shoplift is demonstrated)
    • Overstatement of value (if the merchandise in question is on sale at a reduced price, then the sale price of that merchandise is used to establish its dollar value for purposes of prosecution)

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    A full trial is unnecessary in the majority of shoplifting charges, but only if the accused are represented by qualified criminal defense lawyers. Attorneys at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp are Houston criminal defense attorneys who have successfully defended hundreds of clients against all kinds of shoplifting charges. They personally review the facts in each shoplifting case to determine the best possible defense. For a free case review, get in touch with The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp today.

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