Tips for Partying Hard and Drinking Responsibly

The trend toward responsible drinking is heartening, especially among college students. Observing a few simple guidelines can prevent many of the dire consequences associated with drinking too much alcohol. Just a little advance planning and personal discipline can make it possible for men and women of legal age to safely enjoy their favorite wine, beer or mixed drink.

Sensible Drinking

It’s hard to imagine that anyone really enjoys waking up with a hangover or earning a reputation for drunken behavior. Nevertheless, people of all ages are arrested for driving while intoxicated or treated for alcohol poisoning every day of the year. It doesn’t have to be that way. Consider the following recommendations for drinking responsibly and enjoying a night on the town with friends:

  • Understanding the difference between social drinking and drinking to get drunk is crucial. Every drinker needs to learn just how many drinks they can handle before losing control. Generally speaking, the body can metabolize about one alcoholic beverage an hour.
  • Enjoying protein-rich food and snacks while drinking can reduce the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
  • Sipping a higher quality alcoholic beverage instead of gulping down one drink after another can maximize personal enjoyment. Become a connoisseur rather than a drinker.
  • Share a non-alcoholic drink with the designated driver.
  • Avoid mixed drinks that taste sweet and fruity but are actually loaded with several shots of high-proof alcohol.
  • Consuming alcohol with legal drugs or illegal controlled substances is dangerous.
  • Don’t pressure anyone to drink, and don’t hang out with those who do!

Make a Plan

It’s not difficult to devise a plan that will ensure the safety of friends and family. Selecting a designated driver or tucking away some money to pay for a taxi ride is a good place to start. Anyone who plans to drink should establish a drink limit for the evening; four drinks or less for a man and three or fewer drinks for a woman is a good rule of thumb. The following additional partying tips are recommended:

  • Anyone who is underage, pregnant, driving or taking medication should completely avoid the consumption of alcohol.
  • Eat a balanced meal before attending a party or enjoying a night out with friends.
  • One of the invaluable benefits of responsible drinking is the ability to watch out for the best interest of friends and family members. Don’t allow them to drink too much or leave with a stranger.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking non-alcoholic beverages and eating snacks.
  • Never consume a drink that was left unattended.
  • Learn the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. If someone passes out from drinking too much alcohol, call for help.
  • Never participate in or encourage a drinking game. Drinking games promote drunkenness.

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