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    Controlled Substance Defense in Houston

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    Many people are under the assumption that controlled substances are dangerous drugs such as narcotics. While all narcotics are indeed controlled substances, many other drugs that are available by prescription are also considered controlled substances. Some examples of controlled substances available with a prescription include Xanax, Hydrocodone and Clonazepam. Even a small amount of these substances can lead to serious criminal charges.

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    Conviction for Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Conviction for the possession of any controlled substance may be penalized as a state jail felony (six months to two years in custody and a fine), first-degree felony (5 to 99 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000) or anything in between. The degree of punishment depends on how much substance the accused has in his or her possession, with larger amounts carrying the most severe consequences. The state may also incur a charge of possession with intent to deliver for amounts that exceed a certain limit. This charge will automatically increase the severity of the alleged crime by one degree of felony.

    Defending Against Controlled Substance Charges

    There are a number of legal challenges that can be raised against a possession of a controlled substance charge. It is the responsibility of the state to prove, among other things, that:

    • The substance in question is controlled by state and/or federal drug laws.
    • Any evidence used in a trial was obtained in accordance with the constitutional protection against unlawful search and seizure.

    The legal defense against possession of a controlled substance may be quite complicated. Accused persons should only entrust their cases to lawyers who have considerable experience in criminal law. The knowledgeable Attorneys at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp have many years of experience in both the state and federal courts. They have often succeeded in defending their clients against controlled substance charges.The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp are Houston possession of a controlled substance attorneys who will aggressively challenge the prosecution to prove every aspect of the charges to ensure that your legal rights are guarded at every stage of the trial process.

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