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    Bribery Crimes Defense

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    A bribery crime can result in a state or federal crimes conviction. Bribery charges often stem from the illegal actions of influential government officials or business leaders. When someone is under investigation for or is charged with a violation of federal or Texas bribery laws, they should consult with a Houston white-collar defense lawyer without delay.

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    Criminal Bribery Charges

    A criminal charge for bribing, extorting or blackmailing a federal or state official should be taken very seriously. When the alleged offense involves an attempt to influence a foreign official, federal criminal charges could be filed in accordance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). An individual, elected official or company can be accused of a bribery offense if they violate the Texas Penal Code by knowingly or intentionally offering, soliciting, accepting or condoning any of the following:

    • Any benefit exchanged for the recommendation, vote, opinion or other discretionary act of a public servant, voter or party official
    • Any benefit exchanged for the recommendation, vote, opinion or other discretionary act of a judicial or administrative official
    • Any benefit exchanged for a legally-defined duty of a party official or public servant

    Penalties for Taking or Giving Bribes

    Due to their financial nature, bribery and other acts of corruption are generally classified as white-collar crimes. Being found guilty could lead to time in a state or federal prison. In the state of Texas, bribing crimes are nearly always prosecuted as second-degree felonies. A conviction is punishable by a prison sentence of two to 20 years and a fine of no more than $10,000.

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    Matthew Sharp is accustomed to fighting blackmail, extortion and bribery charges. When a public servant or high-ranking official learns that they are the subject of a criminal investigation, it’s important to get help right away. Everyone loves a good political scandal whether the allegations are true or not, and it doesn’t take much for a public figure to lose the support of admirers, media representatives and even friends and family.

    In times of great trouble, the expertise of a Houston criminal defense lawyer just might prove to be invaluable. The defendant in a bribery or corruption case has a lot to lose. Their reputation, career and personal freedoms are on the line. If you are facing unfounded accusations, contact us today and schedule a complimentary case evaluation with The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, Houston accepted bribe attorneys.

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