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    Environmental Crimes Defense

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    Protecting the environment is taken seriously in Houston, which is why the government has enacted laws to protect our air, water, and soil. Even those who have good intentions can find themselves a target of an environmental crimes investigation, as many people are unaware they are committing a crime until after they are charged. In other cases, individuals may know what they are doing is wrong, but continue their actions anyway. A few of the most common Environmental Protection Agency crimes include:

    • Illegal logging
    • Hazardous waste crimes that involve illegal dumping
    • Illegal fishing
    • Marine safety violations involving an oil spill into inland waters
    • Pollution crimes associated with the release of toxins into the atmosphere
    • Improper storage of chemicals
    • Performing Hazardous Material Transportation without taking the proper precautions

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    Possible Hazardous Waste Crimes Defenses

    When accused of violations of environmental laws, there are a few defenses that may be used to mitigate these charges:

    • Statute of limitations has expired
    • Ex post facto, which means that the crime in question was not against the law at the time it was committed
    • Lack of requisite mens rea, (guilty mind), which means that the element of intent is not present
    • The act in question was a bona fide accident

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    In many cases, individuals can be found guilty of EPA crimes simply by owning land where hazardous materials have previously been dumped. The Environmental Protection Agency also has sweeping powers when it comes to collecting evidence, and may sometimes do so without obtaining a search warrant first. Since this agency has such broad powers, those who are accused of a hazardous waste crime should not try to represent themselves, but instead should seek experienced legal counsel to defend them. Let The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp handle your case.

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