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    Capital Murder Defense

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    According to Section 19.03 of the Texas Penal Code, capital murder is any crime that involves:

    • The hiring of one person to kill another
    • The murder of an on-duty police officer
    • The murder of a child who is less than six years of age
    • A murder that takes place while another felony crime is being committed

    All of these actions show the courts that a person is no longer able to safely live within society. That is why murder charges of any kind are taken very seriously by the state of Texas, and sentencing is both swift and severe.

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    The Penalties for Capital Murder Convictions

    Capital murder is one of the most heavily sentenced crimes in Texas. This is because of the grievous nature of the crime and the fact that defendants show utter disregard for human life. A person who is convicted of capital murder will face two types of sentences, and they include:

    • Lengthy prison term: A person convicted of capital murder may be sentenced to prison for the rest of their life and may not be eligible for parole.
    • Execution: A defendant will likely be sentenced for execution if they committed the crime when no other circumstances may have provoked it.

    The state of Texas has the highest execution rate of any state, making a strong defense necessary from the moment these charges are filed.

    Defending Against Capital Murder Charges

    An attorney who is defending a client against capital murder charges has to call in a variety of experts to negate those accusations. The experts will examine all the evidence presented by the prosecution and look for any areas where mistakes could have been made. This is also true for the attorneys themselves, who try their best to make sure that police investigators followed proper procedure when collecting evidence. The defense attorneys also work diligently to prove that witnesses are not credible.

    In order to secure a conviction, the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the capital murder defendant had intent to harm or kill the victim. If intent cannot be proven, the defendant’s attorney will work to reduce the charges.

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