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    Manslaughter Charges Defense

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    In Texas, manslaughter occurs whenever an individual causes the death of another by acting recklessly. It can also happen whenever a person acts negligently in failing to commit an act that might have spared another individual’s life. All acts of manslaughter are treated the same regardless of whether the incident that resulted in the victim’s death was voluntary or involuntary.

    While manslaughter offenses are not classified as voluntary or involuntary here, there is a unique class of this crime listed in the Texas Penal Code. Intoxication manslaughter occurs whenever an individual causes the death of another due to drunk driving.

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    Punishment for the Crime of Manslaughter

    Manslaughter and intoxication manslaughter are both considered to be second degree felonies. As such, the punishment for someone who is found guilty of one of these offenses can be:

    • Prison term ranging from two to 20 years
    • Fine of up to $10,000
    • Up to 240 hours of community service
    • Probation

    When charged with intoxication manslaughter, defendants can receive additional sanctions which can include:

    • Loss of driving privileges
    • Mandatory drug and alcohol counseling

    Emotionally-Charged Situation

    Emotions run high for those who are facing manslaughter charges. The defendant can carry a heavy burden of guilt knowing that his or her actions unintentionally caused the death of another person. When that individual was someone close to the accused, the burden of guilt can be even higher. At the same time, the victim’s family is often aggressively advocating for a harsh sentence and may also be harboring bitter feelings toward the defendant. At a time like this, it can be difficult to focus on everyday tasks much less prepare a defense strategy.

    Aggressive and Compassionate

    Attorney Matthew Sharp understands how important it is to be compassionate while also putting together a straightforward and aggressive defense. He work hard to help clients put aside his emotions so he can be better prepared to make informed decisions. This approach serves to provide a more positive outcome because the defendant is guiding the process.

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