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    Children’s Assessment Center Defense

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    The Children’s Assessment Center in Houston, Texas is intended to be a comfortable place for sexually abused children to receive treatment, and its workers advocate aggressively for the rights of these children. In fact, they often advocate so aggressively, that the question of whether or not they have actually turned into another arm of the law is sometimes called into question.

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    CAC’s Reputation

    Advocates from the Child Assessment Center in Texas, or CAC, have been known to misrepresent facts during a criminal trial. To make matters worse, these agents are sometimes encouraged to do so by the Harris County prosecutor’s office. In their effort to secure a conviction, workers from this center are brought into court and touted as “experts” in order to sway jury opinion.

    Misrepresentations in court may have resulted in a number of individuals being wrongfully incarcerated. A nurse from the CAC has also admitted to conducting “faulty physical exams” that were later used as evidence in sexual abuse cases. Even so, that nurse’s testimony continues to be used in court trials even today.

    CAC’s Faulty Belief System

    The Child Assessment Center leans toward the notion that government is more fit to handle certain matters relating to the family than private individuals are. This is a dangerous way of thinking, because it means that agents within this organization could feel empowered to sidestep the law when it comes to conducting investigations. They also believe that false allegations of sexual misconduct with a child are “extremely rare.” Those who find themselves a target of a CAC investigation should try not to handle this matter themselves, but instead should contact an experienced defense attorney for advice.

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