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    Child Sexual Abuse Defense

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    The sexual abuse of a child is a serious legal accusation that can result in heavy punishment in both state and federal courts. An accusation of sexual abuse against a child can include intercourse without consent, touching, lewd or lascivious behavior, indecent exposure and child pornography, as well as other sexual offenses that are considered to be harmful to the physical or mental welfare of a child. The Texas Family Code even lists failure to adequately prevent sexual conduct with a child as a crime.

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    The Cost of Conviction

    There are a variety of ways in which a person’s life is negatively affected if they are convicted of sexual abuse involving a child. Some of the negative effects include:

    • Unable to apply for certain jobs or follow certain education paths
    • Requirement to register as a sex offender
    • Large fines
    • Barred from purchasing or possessing a firearm
    • Lengthy jail or prison sentences

    Not only will a conviction of this nature carry all the aforementioned restrictions, but the defendant’s public life will be severely damaged. An employee may choose to not hire a person simply because they were convicted of a sex crime.

    Guarding Against Conviction

    Whenever a person is accused of sexual abuse against a child, there are aspects of the case the prosecution must prove in order for a conviction to be handed down. The full burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and if they can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty, their case will likely fall apart. If a prosecutor is working with weak evidence, a criminal defense lawyer can pursue one of the following routes to protect his client:

    • Plea bargaining
    • Reduced sentencing
    • Dismissal of the case

    If the circumstances are right, a skilled child sexual abuse lawyer can sit down with both their client and the prosecution to find a way to reduce the charges or gain a dismissal. Either scenario can save the defendant from the far-reaching repercussions of a crime of this nature.

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