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    Methamphetamine Defense

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    The Texas Controlled Substances Act spells out the various drug charges in the state. Drugs are classified into penalty groups according to the level of danger they pose to the public. Methamphetamine is classified in Group I because it is highly addictive. Even possessing a small amount of this controlled substance is considered to be a felony crime under Texas law.

    Not only can an individual be charged with possessing crystal methamphetamine, but they can also be arrested for manufacturing or distributing this substance. Possession of precursor materials, or those used to manufacture crystal meth, are also prohibited. A few of the prohibited substances include:

    • Anhydrous ammonia
    • Excessive amounts of pseudoephedrine or ephedrine
    • Metal that has been extracted from a lithium battery

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    Penalties for Possessing Crystal Meth

    The penalties for possession of meth depend upon the amount one has. Larger amounts carry longer sentences, as does distributing or manufacturing meth. Additional prison time can also result when crystal methamphetamine is used, sold or manufactured in a school zone. A few of the possible drug possession penalties include:

    • Incarceration time ranging from six months to 99 years
    • Fines of up to $100,000
    • Mandatory drug counseling
    • Community service

    Defending Against Methamphetamine Charges

    When individuals are charged with selling or manufacturing this drug, part of a defense strategy could involve ensuring all the evidence used against a person was obtained legally. Any violation of one’s Fourth Amendment rights could result in evidence being suppressed under what is known as the “fruits of the poisonous tree” doctrine. This legal principle states that if the source of evidence is tainted, any “fruit” that results from it is also tainted, and can therefore not be admitted in court. Plea bargaining can sometimes be used to help defendants avoid prison time. In many instances, first-time offenders who are found in possession of small amounts of methamphetamine can enter a plea bargain to receive only probation.

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