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Fraud results when a person uses deceptive techniques for financial or personal gain. In Texas, it is usually considered a white-collar crime but can nonetheless result in serious penalties. A few of the offenses related to fraud include:

Being arrested for fraud can have serious consequences.
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Penalties of Fraud Charges

Being charged with a crime of fraud can damage your reputation. It could negatively affect future employment opportunities and strain business relations. Friends and relatives may also distance themselves from you because they believe you cannot be trusted. In addition to these negative consequences, the Texas legal system may punish you in several other ways:

  • A prison sentence ranging from 2 to 99 years
  • Restitution
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Seizure of property and assets that were illegally obtained

Defending Fraud – The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

The process of investigating and prosecuting fraud is often a time-consuming one. During the course of an investigation police may offer immunity to certain participants in exchange for inside information that could help them secure a conviction against the alleged organizer. Attempting to destroy evidence could lead to charges that are more serious. If you are currently undergoing an investigation for fraud you need to have an attorney on your side to make sure your rights are not violated in the process.

An experienced Houston fraud attorney can help you defend yourself against charges in a number of ways:

  • Making sure evidence is not illegally obtained
  • Questioning the motives of informants
  • Ensuring the evidence proves the elements needed to secure a fraud conviction
  • Helping you to avoid incriminating yourself

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