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Health care fraud in Texas is typically seen as a white-collar crime. It occurs whenever someone is deceitful in their attempts to acquire medical benefits or payment for services. Physicians, nurses, dentists, therapists, case workers and even patients may be charged with health care fraud; in fact, many cases involve multiple parties. An individual may be accused of committing health care fraud if he:

  • Bills for services that were never performed
  • Falsifies a patient’s diagnosis to justify additional tests or procedures that are unnecessary
  • Utilizes another person’s health care coverage or insurance card

These are the most common types of health care fraud. Individuals may be charged with committing other fraudulent acts that are not listed above.

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Possible Sanctions

If the law decides that a person is guilty of committing health care fraud, he may be punished with:


  • Revoked medical benefits
  • Heavy fees or financial restitution
  • Confinement


  • Loss of preferred provider status
  • Loss of practitioner’s license
  • Fines
  • Imprisonment

Allegations of fraud sometimes stem from errors in paperwork. In other cases, health care fraud is a well-organized scheme that continues for some time before it is discovered. Do not attempt to defend against these charges by yourself. Get in touch with a health care fraud defense lawyer today.

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Bold Prosecutors

Accusations of health care fraud are aggressively pursued by insurance companies that want to make sure that they do not pay more than necessary for patients’ care. These companies usually have skilled investigators and attorneys who are specially trained to protect the assets of their organizations.

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The insurance companies have aggressive lawyers on their side. If you have been charged with committing health care fraud, you need a strong legal defense, too. The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp is ready to guard your rights. Matthew Sharp refuses to be intimidated by the large insurance companies that are accustomed to getting their way by bullying and harassing private citizens.

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