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    Wire Fraud Defense

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    Wire fraud is governed by federal statutes since it involves transmission over intrastate communication lines. Wire fraud, a type of white-collar crime, occurs when an individual engages in fraudulent activity by using electronic media such as the Internet, radio and television. A person who is charged with wire fraud may also face mail fraud charges if his scheme also involved the use of postal mail.

    A person may be accused of wire fraud even if he does not actually take money or property from someone else. If his intentions were to deprive others of their possessions, that alone is enough to convict him. The following crimes are considered wire fraud:

    • Chain letters
    • Pyramid schemes
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Check cashing scams
    • Fake payday loans

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    Investigating the Case

    It used to be quite difficult to catch the perpetrators of wire fraud scams, but investigators are now more adept at doing so. A wire fraud investigation often requires the cooperation of federal and state agents. They can gather evidence by:

    • Monitoring a person’s email usage
    • Wiretapping
    • Posing as an interested party

    Possible Avenues of Defense Against Wire Fraud Charges

    To confirm that a defendant is guilty of committing wire fraud, prosecutors must prove that he had the intent to defraud others. A wire fraud attorney will look at the following factors in order to defend his client:

    • Were the defendant’s motives misinterpreted?
    • Was there an error in accounting?
    • What type of follow-up actions were taken?

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    Those who are facing wire fraud charges should prepare themselves for a lengthy court battle. Federal prosecutors have an abundance of resources at their disposal and will attempt to use all of them in order to secure a guilty verdict. If you have been accused of committing wire fraud, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will not be intimidated by federal prosecutors. You need a lawyer who will work diligently to protect your rights in court. You need The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp.

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