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    Internet Crime Defense

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    In 2009, Texas passed a law which made it illegal to harass, stalk or defraud someone over the Internet. The new law covers several types of Internet crimes, which can include the following:

    If you are facing allegations of one of the above charges, it is important for you to retain help from a Houston cybercrime lawyer like The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp today.

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    Penalties for Internet Crimes

    The penalties for crimes committed online can range from mild to severe depending on the type of crime accused of. A few of the possible sanctions that may be imposed include:

    • Incarceration
    • Fines and restitution
    • Community Service
    • Probation

    In order for the State of Texas to prove a crime was committed on the Internet, law enforcement will often seize an individual’s personal computer so a forensic analysis can be performed. Since the new law also covers the use of text messaging to commit a crime, cell phone records or mobile devices may also be seized. This can lead to a loss of contact with friends and business associates. For someone who relies on the Internet for his or her career, identity theft charges can results in devastating financial consequences as well. Contact The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp immediately to get started on your case.

    Electronic Discovery

    The exchange of digital information is a crucial part of a prosecutor’s case in crimes involving the Internet. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure dictate how discovery takes place and these rules were recently amended to include electronic discovery. The amended rules discuss procedures that affect digital information when used as evidence of criminal activity. When dealing with Internet crimes, it is important to find a Houston criminal attorney who is familiar with these rules because the amount of evidence handed over by the State of Texas can sometimes be overwhelming. Some information that may be included as part of electronic discovery are:

    • Voicemails and text messages
    • Emails
    • Information from Facebook or other social networking profiles
    • Digital photographs
    • Transcriptions of chat room activity
    • Word documents that are digitally stored

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    The lawyers at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp do not buckle underneath the heavy load of electronic discovery. They strive to examine every piece of evidence to make sure it complies with the guidelines required by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the State of Texas. If you are accused of cybercrime, call The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp for a free consultation at 713-868-6100.

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