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    Internet Sex Crime Defense

    Internet Sex Crime Attorneys in Houston :: The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp

    Internet sex crimes are a relatively new classification of offenses that have been pushed to the forefront of the media recently. The cases surge to the top of the headlines even faster when the accused is a business owner, teacher, clergy, or other influential member of society.

    While the American justice system affords the accused the presumption of innocence before being proven guilty, the public will often believe whatever is reported in the media as the truth. All types of sex crimes allegations can seriously damage your reputation, even if the charges are not true. If you have been accused of an internet sex crime, you owe it to yourself to promptly find vigorous and professional Houston internet sex crime lawyer.

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    Internet Sex Crime Lawyers

    At Houston’s The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, we provide experienced and aggressive defense for those who have been accused of a Texas Internet Sex Crime. Our staff is well versed in this kind of law and can discreetly handle all types of Houston Internet Sex Crimes, including:

    Aside from being socially persecuted, being convicted of any sex crime has serious consequences. You will be subject to incarceration, probation, fines, and counseling. Other sanctions include registering as a sex offender which can affect your employment and even where you can live. The goal of The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp, is to aggressively protect your rights in order to keep your record clean and your name away from the sex offender list.

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    A common defense against a child pornography charge is creating reasonable doubt about who possessed the material in question and how it actually got onto a computer. For those who have been accused of online solicitation of a minor, we understand that many people visit chat rooms to talk and meet others with similar interests. It is also common for officers to aggressively attempt to persuade law abiding citizens into committing crimes while they are innocently chatting.

    Once accusations of an internet sex crime have been leveled against you, we understand that you feel isolated and afraid. You can place your confidence in the staff at The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp. Our Houston criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights throughout your entire encounter with the justice system.

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