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    False Allegations Defense

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    A false allegation of a sex crime is a matter that any person accused should take seriously. Crimes of this nature carry not only heavy sentencing, but also social and professional ramifications that can last a lifetime. Most of these charges involve children, and this adds an emotional element to the case that is harder to defend against.

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    Conseqences of False Allegations

    Being falsely accused of a sex crime carries heavy legal and social burdens to the convicted. Legally, the person faces felony charges that bring long prison sentences and large fines. The convicted person will also likely have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life.

    Socially, the person faces being a societal outcast. The registration as a sexual offender will prevent the person from pursuing certain career paths or moving to certain areas. The restrictions will even go as far as to state how close a person can get to a school zone. This can disrupt various aspects of everyday life for the convicted.

    Surviving False Charges

    The best way to adequately defend against false charges is to obtain representation as quickly as possible. The emotional element of these kinds of charges may make a defense harder since people’s preconceived notions may influence their opinions of the defendant. Although this makes the defense harder, a skilled false allegations attorney can pick apart the prosecution’s case and keep the defendant from being convicted of the false charges.

    If a false charge is raised during a custody dispute, there are certain things an individual can do to protect themselves against future allegations while still seeing their kids. Some of these things include:

    • Continue regularly scheduled visits
    • Keep the relationship with the children the same
    • Consider taking along another person to witness all visitation with children

    If a person is accused of sex crimes with children other than their own, they should avoid the other children altogether. In such a case where this is impossible, the above mentioned witness should be present for all interactions.

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