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    If you or a loved one are being investigated in Harris County, Texas for a sex offense, then hiring a skilled sex crime defense attorney should be your #1 priority.

    A sex crime investigation is a serious situation in which authorities are investigating an individual to determine whether there is enough proof to charge them with committing a crime that is sexual in nature. This type of investigation can be initiated by victims or witnesses who may have suspicion or evidence indicating that a sexual offense took place. Crimes of this nature have heavy penalties and can lead to a lasting negative impact throughout a person’s life.

    According to the Texas Penal Code, sex crimes are defined as several illegal activities and behaviors that range from indecent exposure to rape, and from prostitution to Internet stalking of a sexual nature. Sex crimes can result in more than just lengthy prison or jail sentences and fines; they can also have long-lasting negative consequences with regard to the criminal background of the defendant.

    If you recently discovered that you’re being investigated for a sex crime in the Houston area, you probably feel scared, confused and anxious. Even if the allegation is completely false, it must be taken seriously and you need to be proactive in taking steps to defend your rights.

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    The Burden of a Sex Crime Investigation

    Many different agencies may investigate a sex crime allegation, from local Texas law enforcement agencies to Child Protective Services (CPS) to federal investigators like the FBI. The actual investigation that takes place can be disruptive to both the personal and professional life of the person who is being investigated, regardless of their innocence.

    The police will often want to interview the accuser and the alleged perpetrator to obtain information. This information can be invaluable to investigators as it can reveal the details of the alleged crime. Police will also want to obtain every record they possibly can in regards to the investigation. This can mean gathering as much evidence as possible, including:

    • Phone records (calls and texts)
    • Recent purchases
    • Emails exchanged between the two parties
    • The victim’s statement
    • Witness statements
    • Photos of the scene
    • Bodily fluids found on the victim or at the scene
    • Fingerprints
    • Fibers on the victim or at the scene
    • Possible weapons at the scene
    • Fragments from broken glass
    • The presence of a sexually transmitted disease/infection
    • Electronic devices

    This evidence-gathering phase of a sex crime investigation can be embarrassing to those accused because it may also involve pulling records from employer databases. This can potentially lead to conflicts with the defendant’s employer, who may be uncomfortable to learn that their employee is under investigation for a sex crime.

    The home of the accused may even be searched if there is reason for police to suspect they can find evidence there. This can be done without a warrant if the accused lives with another person who lets the police in. If the accused lives alone, the police would have to obtain a search warrant before they could search the home. Either case can lead to public ridicule as neighbors observe the police presence at the home of the accused.


    What To Do If You’re Being Investigated For a Sex Crime

    Once a sex crimes criminal complaint has been filed against you or a loved one, it’s important to take a number of steps in order to pave the way for an effective defense.



    Defending Against a Sex Crime Investigation

    If you’re accused of a sex crime in Texas, the first thing you should know is that the police are NOT there to help you. Take great care when speaking to police, and you should enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. You also should not speak with the person who accused you of the crime. This may only compound problems if the accuser takes the words said as an admission of guilt or involvement.

    Common Defense Strategies

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