Convicted Rapist Vacated of 124-Year Prison Sentence

A judge in Los Angeles has vacated the 124-year prison sentence of a convicted rapist.

A new hearing on April 4 will decide Andrew Luster’s new sentence. Luster is a great-grandson of Max Factor, an entrepreneur and founder of a popular cosmetics brand by the same name. A jury previously found him guilty of 86 counts of drug and sexual assault charges.

Luster had videoed himself having sex with three women whom he drugged and rendered unconscious with GHB. The judge would not allow him to get a new trial, but she agreed that his sentence is unusually long and needs to be revised.

Before he was incarcerated, Luster jumped his $1-million bail and tried to escape to Mexico. He was taken into custody by famed bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman.

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