Ft. Worth Doctor Convicted of Sex Crime Found Dead

When a former pediatrician in the Fort Worth area did not appear in court on Friday for a sentencing hearing, police raided his home and found his body in a vehicle in his garage.

Lundy Eldridge Cavender, Jr., 58, was found guilty of indecent exposure in August for touching himself inappropriately in the presence of an employee at his medical office. He faced up to 180 days in jail, but he could have been penalized with two years of probation.

Local law enforcement are investigating the case to determine the exact cause and manner of death, but officers suspect no foul play.

It is being reported that Cavender had tried to kill himself at least twice. After the employee reported Cavender’s sex crime to authorities in August 2009, the defendant was admitted to a local hospital because he overdosed on drugs. He then attempted to hang himself in his hospital bathroom the following day.

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